Where did the month go?

I was cleared by the doctor today, after last month’s medical adventures, but it still feels like that all just happened yesterday. In Spain.

Today, I’m sitting in Pittsfield, MA, home of King Kone, although the weather is definitely not cold enough for ice cream this week. It was blazing when we arrived, but in the space of 5 days we’ve gone from A/C to heat. Welcome to the Berkshires.

Within a few months, we’ll be settled down with our two dogs, in a hopefully somewhat permanent residence. It will feel nice to know that I won’t have to pack up and move in a few months. Life has been so nomadic for the past two years. In a way, I’ve come to love the changes and challenges that come with this. It’s hard to be disappointed with a place when you know in less than six months, you’ll be living somewhere else. But I miss having roots and a community and a sense of belonging.

I still hope that even as he gets older, we’ll continue to travel with Cam. I don’t know how to balance a stable home and job with the thrill I get from discovering new place – but I’m sure we’ll find a way.

In Dubrovnik, Croatia