about DKA

DKA is sporadically updated by a late 20-something food hobbyist with two dogs and too many interests. It consists of mostly food posts interspersed with travel and life posts.

The DKA dogs: Dex & RickRicky (on top) and Dexter

Ricky is a three legged rat terrier and Dexter is a 95 lb doberman who is not allowed on the couch, as you can see.

Things that make me happy:

  • dancing, making funny faces, generally making a fool of myself
  • travel and the food of travel
  • clotted cream, or anything with a high butterfat content, really
  • very ripe tomatoes that taste like the sun
  • potato chips
  • picnics
  • pop science, especially medical marvels

3 thoughts on “about DKA”

  1. bluejeangourmet said:

    oh my goodness! my partner had a rat terrier (Sudio) for 17 years, she became a tripod in her last 2 after a bout with cancer. your Ricky is so sweet.

  2. Can I have your e-mail address so that I can send you an e-mail? Thanks Kristen

  3. Hello from Texas!
    Could I please get your email address? I produce a video driven wine and food website in Texas and recently discovered your blog.
    Thanks so much,

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