I’ll be leaving Spain in less than 48 hours so I thought now was an especially appropriate time to do another phone photo post.

Someone once asked me about bocadillos here in Barcelona, the quintessential lunch/all purpose snack. So I snapped this photo of a bocadillo menu outside a streetside cafe. I’ve never been interested in these sandwiches, because they never look particularly appetizing. They consist of a loaf of bread sliced lengthwise and filled with a few slices of meat and cheese – jamon, tuna, and semicurado are popular. That’s it. No veggies, no spread, no other filler. To be honest they always seem rather dry to my (Americanized) tastebuds. And someone needs to give these cafes some food photography tricks…

Jamon. Jamon is ubiquitous here! Here is the Jamon section of my local Carrefour market. It’s located between the ice cream and the meat. Although I see legs of Jamon everywhere for sale, to be honest, I’ve never actually seen anyone purchase one. I wonder how long they sit in the store for..

I’m not sure if this product illustration would fly in the US… given how weird we are about breasts.

I can totally get behind this marketing, though, for pint size porsches! Cameron needs one, I think.

I’ll be the first to admit I know nothing about fashion but I REALLY don’t understand the fashion here in Spain, and genie pants are the first on my list of WTFs.  Here is a particularly garish pair, in jean material. I’ve also seen little children running (hobbling) around in them. *cringe*

This isn’t the best picture as I had to zoom in quite aways with my dinky little camera phone but you ought to be able to make out the sexxxily dressed woman at the bus stop. Woooo mama! And this was at 9AM. Where was she going???

Among the things I don’t understand is this. People walk around sharing headphones all the time. Couples, friends (ok, maybe same sex couples, it’s hard to tell), all tethered together by their ears. It looks faintly ridiculous while they’re sitting down but the best part is when they try to get up and walk around.

I’ve been thinking about doing a “Barcelona couple of the day” series when I come back here next year. This is just one of many photos I have of people making out in public. Now, I don’t consider myself puritan by any means when it comes to public displays of affection, but every time I step foot outside, I come across a couple wrapped around each other on a park bench… on the sidewalk… on the stairs to the metro. What’s really amusing is watching them get started. They stop suddenly, turn to each other, and start kissing, while wrapping their limbs around each other. It’s funny how they seem to settle for a long make-out session in what seems to me to be the most uncomfortable places (standing in the stairwell to the metro???)

A condom vending machine. Yup.

I’m really not sure what’s going on here.

A dog hanging out on the floor of a hair salon. At first I thought it was a giant pile of blond hair. I love that dogs are allowed everywhere (except my doberman, it seems).