Following up on my previous post of things I just don’t get about living in Spain, I thought I’d do another camera phone dump of things I really do like about living here. As annoying as the bureaucracy, slow people, and monochrome cuisine can be, there are really some awesome things about being here.

Ok… first and foremost… CHURROS! Mobile trucks selling churros with various fillings are everywhere. While they aren’t always hot and fresh, not many things can make my day better than chowing down on a dulce de leche churro wrapped in wax paper while walking down a tree lined boulevard. It’s almost enough to make me slow down and stop plowing into the meandering crowd.

Hot crepe stands. When it comes to freshness, these beat the churro stands hands down. Like Krispy Kreme, there’s only a few times a day when churros are hot and fresh but crepe stands make your crepe to order. The only down side is trying to eat the slippery sucker while the sticky filling gets all over your hands. And for pete’s sake, please don’t get waffles at the crepe stands, which are usually pre-made and reheated in a microwave.

You might be noticing a trend here… but churros are even better when served with Spanish hot chocolate. The chocolate comes in little demitasse cups, and is thick enough to stand a spoon in.

The olympic village on a sunny day is one of the most beautiful places in the city.

Single serve olive oil? It doesn’t get much better. Although try to take more than a few ketchup packets and you’ll get nasty looks.

Cafe L’Opera is most definitely a tourist trap, with its extensive English-language pictoral menu, mediocre prices, and surly waiters. But it’s been around forever and I love the peeling paint. Oh, and it’s where the above pictured chocolate and churros came from.