When my husband went to the US last month, he asked me what I wanted him to bring back with him. I had one item on my list: Panera cinnamon crunch bagels (Perhaps that counts as a dozen items. Does it? Yikes).

If you haven’t tried this yet, you must. That is, provided you don’t live in Barcelona, where, apparently, the last bagel shop in town closed up in 2009. Throw all your previous conceptions of a bagel out the window, because baby, they’re about to be steamrolled. The cinnamon crunch bagel tastes like the naughty love child of a cinnamon roll and the best chewy, crusty bagel you’ve ever had.

Over the summer, when we visited Matt’s dad in Florida, we picked up a dozen Panera bagels as part of a prize his stepmom had won from her Rotary Club. A dozen Panera bagels and two tubs of cream cheese a week for 52 weeks might just be my idea of a perfect prize. Just saying.

I’d never had the cinnamon crunch bagel before then, but they made up the bulk of her order and once I’d tried it, I knew why. It was shameful how quickly I went through them once I discovered their cinnamony… crunchy…. goodness. Well, I was pregnant. And I had a strong craving for bagels. Especially ones topped with a crusty cinnamon sugar topping. Who will deny a pregnant woman her cravings?

When Matt’s plane landed, I had been obsessively clicking “refresh” on the El Prat arrivals page, and began counting down the minutes until his foot hit our entryway. (30 to take the Renfe, plus a five minute walk from the station, for those of you interested). When he arrived, weary and loaded down with bags and bagels, I knew I was the luckiest woman in the world. Why? Because he lugged a dozen bagels across the Atlantic for me… and didn’t mind when I lurched for them before reaching for him. That, my friends, is love.