One benefit I hadn’t thought of when I had the baby was the convenience of using the stroller as a shopping cart!

This might seem strange to most of you, who live as I did in my previous life: conveying cartloads of groceries to the trunk of your car with the store’s shopping cart, where they would be driven home to your garage. Here, things are a bit different. With no car, I end up getting groceries on nearly a daily basis, as I am limited on each trip to what I can carry. Carts & baskets are electronically tagged and cannot go further than the checkout aisle without tripping an alarm.

That’s what makes the stroller even more useful. Not only does it hold groceries, which can then be wheeled rather than carried, it can go in and out of the store with abandon.

Of course, then there’s the challenge of fitting the stroller, myself, and any additional shopping bags into the apartment elevator, which is about half the size of my closet back in Houston. No exaggeration. We have to do some serious maneuvering so that the door can close fully. Definitely not for the claustrophobic.

A typical “bulk day” grocery haul – when I pick up items we usually consume in bulk. This includes diapers, milk, beer, and water. Tap water here is drinkable but so mineral laden that…

…. this is what pots look like after I’ve boiled water in them. That recommendation that people drink a liter of water a day? I’m now intimately aware of my physical limitations for carrying liters of water. 5 liters and a bag of groceries is fine. 9 liters is definitely pushing it. At least I know I’m set for our next desert backpacking trip!