I’ve been wandering around The Pioneer Woman‘s site for a few years now, checking back every now and then to read her photoshop tips or hope for another installment of her rip-roaring love story, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. Although I browsed her recipes, I never made any.

Until now. And I have only one way to describe it.

Pure Genius.

Make this for yourself. Make it for someone you love. Make two loaves and freeze one. It’s decadently rich. The second time I made it, I ate a loaf and felt ill for a week… but it was worth it.

The Pioneer Woman’s Olive Cheese Bread

Combine 1 stick (appx 113g) of butter, 1/2 c (4 fl oz) mayonnaise, 3/4 lb cheese and 6 oz each black and green olives, chopped, in a bowl. She recommends monterey jack but I used a “4 quesos” blend which has cheddar, emmental, and who knows what else. Spread onto two halves of a loaf of french bread (or ciabatta, if your baguettes are too skinny to stand up to the mixture). Bake at 325F (about 160c) until melted and browning, about 30 minutes. Remove, slice, and serve hot!