After reading Eating our Words’ post on grilled mac n cheese weeks ago, I decided to recreate the oozy goodness myself. After all, what else would I do with a huge batch of easily the world’s most delicious macaroni and cheese?

The execution was straightforward, and as the sandwich started to sizzle, the aromas of browning butter and melted cheese were irresistible.

Mmmmm… delicious! My only change would be to salt the leftover mac a bit more, and heat it up before sticking it in this carb-monster. The grilling action by itself was simply not enough to heat all the mac n cheese goodness all the way through. But the buttery, cheesy, oozy, crunchy and pasta-y (? whatever) textures put this over the top.

A couple weeks later, wine bar 13 celsius tweeted a peanut butter and jelly bacon and potato chip panini special. I had to get in on this one too… even if I didn’t have any bacon in the house.

Salty peanut butter and crunchy chip goodness with a sweet jelly note. Bacon might be the only thing that would make this amazing bit of genius even better. But I was on a roll and decided I needed a grilled sandwich dessert:

Grilled Camembert and potato chips. Creamy, nutty, crunchy, salty… next time… bacon!