La Boqueria is just one of many mercats here in Barcelona, although it might arguably be the most famous. Located in the heart of the tourist district, its narrow aisles are packed with vendors selling jamon, fruit, seafood and more. Small cafes edge the market, many well known for their tapas which draw ingredients straight from the surrounding stalls.

Naturally, this was high on my list of places to visit, and I was pleased to be able to finally make it there a few weeks ago. Below, my photo tour of La Boqueria:

Check out these crowds! The market was thronged with people, making it questionable that this would be anyone’s day to day shopping destination.

The crepe man, hard at work, offers humongous crepes with fillings from jamon y brie to nutella and strawberries.

Numerous riotously colored fruit stalls quench shoppers’ thirst with freshly pressed juices.

Stop by some prepared food stalls for marinated anchovies or peppers, or freshly pressed chicharrones.

This woman’s egg stall looked like an accident waiting to happen…

These grapes are almost the size of oranges…

Of course, it’s impossible to miss the huge seafood market in the center of all the stalls.

And there are more jamon shops than you can shake a stick at.

All of which left us feeling a little bit…

Thank goodness for !