In 2008, I came to Europe for the holidays and discovered currywurst.

On the train, at restaurants, but most notably, from food stalls at the Christmasmarkets, served piping hot with extra heapings of sauce. I was powerless to resist their pungent spice and deep fried goodness.

The weather here has cooled notably in the past couple of weeks and one day I found myself craving currywurst. But I’m 1,000 miles from Germany. What to do?

Why, make my own. And what a coincidence, this just happened to be the week Savuer’s weekly email featured a recipe for currywurst sauce.

Currywurst Sauce

Saveur Magazine

In a saucepan over medium heat, saute 1 chopped onion in a little oil until translucent. Add a generous 2 T curry powder and 1 T hot paprika, stir until fragrant. Crush a can of peeled canned tomatoes with your hands and add to the pan along with the sauce. Add 1/2 c sugar and 1/4 c vinegar. Stir and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about half an hour, until thickened. Strain the sauce through a colander, or if you happen to have a kitchen that actually has appliances, blend it until smooth.

Serve hot over hot sliced sausage with a roll or, if you like, patatas fritas, on the side.

Bonus! Easy patatas fritas:

Patatas fritas are a very traditional tapas dish, especially popular over here laced with a spicy tomato sauce and mayonnaise. They work wonderfully with currywurst, and the leftovers can be mixed with eggs and chorizo for an easy breakfast hash.

Boil potatoes until tender, about 20 minutes. Remove from the heat and peel. Slice potatoes into chunks. Fry in about an inch of hot olive oil until brown and crispy, about 5-7 minutes per side. Drain, toss with salt and serve immediately!