The most terrible thing has happened. I’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes in the last month of my pregnancy. Just when all I want to eat are pastries, gelato, and churros with chocolate, I’ve been reduced to monitoring my blood sugar four times a day and strictly following a 2,000 calorie diet. Woe is me!

Since I simply can’t let anything well enough alone, I’ve been playing around with the diet to figure out what things I can eat and make that still fit within the guidelines and keep my blood sugar to a reasonable level. I discovered this last week that fish sticks are *not* one of those things. But you might be surprised to learn what delicious meals I’ve been able to put together!

Below are my guidelines. I generally stick to the same items for most of the day and allow myself some creativity for dinner. That is, I follow the guidelines but I might substitute bread products, or cheese for yogurt. If I ate all the yogurt on the diet I would have 5 yogurts a day! They love Activia here.

What would you make given these dietary restrictions?

Breakfast: 200 cc milk or 2 yogurts, 40 g baguette, or 4 whole wheat toasts or 30 g cereal, 30 g of cheese, turkey or ham.

Mid morning snack: 20 g baguette or 2 whole wheat toasts plus one yogurt.

Lunch: 1 plate of salad or greens,* 2 servings of carbs** or one serving plus 40 g baguette or 80 g baguette, 125 g of meat or 150 g of fish, one serving of fruit.

Afternoon snack: 1 yogurt or 50 g cheese plus 20 g baguette, or 1 serving of fruit plus 1 yogurt.

Dinner: 1 plate of salad or greens, 2 servings of carbs or 1 serving plus 40 g baguette or 80 g baguette, and two of the following in any combination: A) 50 g cheese, B) 75 g fish, C) one egg, D) 40 g sausage, E) 50 g meat. Dessert  – one serving of fruit.

Night: 1 yogurt or half a glass of milk

* One plate of salad equals about 200 g of low carb veggies. Most veggies are okay, one that is not is peas.

** One serving of carbs can be 40 g of bread, 40 g of beans, 100 g of potatoes, or 30 g of uncooked pasta or rice.