Here’s a post I’ve dredged up from my drafts that I actually found mostly written, but not published for some reason.  I’m not usually a huge dessert person, 10 course tastings at Textile notwithstanding, but with the advent of the pregnancy, sweets were all I wanted (for the first three months, anyway).  I went through gallons of ice cream and bowls of fruit topped with crunchy streusel.  This was one delicious recipe from that time that gave me an excuse to have a bit of Jim Beam in my dessert – yum!

I’ve never made tiramisu before so I can’t speak to the ease of this recipe over any other.  I just know that it was far easier than I expected it to be.  The most difficult part was finding the ladyfingers at HEB!  I ended up with a huge bag of them that I had to throw out when we moved.  In any case, I’ll probably never order tiramisu again now that I know how easy it is to make.

Easy peasy tiramisu (from Martha’s Dinner at Home)

Make yourself some espresso or very strong coffee.  You’ll need about a cup.  In a bowl, blend equal parts mascarpone cheese and heavy cream – about a cup of each – with a few tablespoons of brandy, a splash of vanilla, and half a cup of sugar.  Trim the edges off 12 ladyfingers, dip each in the espresso, and layer in a glass serving dish.  Top with half the mascarpone mixture and cover with shaved bittersweet chocolate.  Repeat layers, chill for an hour, and serve.