You know something is stuck in the back of your mind when you dream about it. And last night I dreamt there was a place called Anvil Bar here in Barcelona. It had classic cocktails made with fresh ingredients, top of the line spirits, and reserved but friendly bartenders who were passionate about their craft. Sound familiar?

The first time I ever saw Anvil was just a couple months before their opening. I drove by early in the morning on my way to work. In fact, I can pinpoint the date exactly because I was picking up cupcakes from the French Gourmet Bakery in celebration of Elvis Presley’s birthday. That would be January 8, 2009.  I was immediately intrigued by the stark black logo painted on the side of the building, and the brown papered windows that obscured the progress inside. I began obsessively checking the website for their opening, and was crushed to miss their soft opening in March, announced only on Twitter. The date I joined Twitter? March 25, 2009. Coincidence? Nope.

Too many words have been written about Anvil since then for anything I say to be a revelation of any sort. Instead, here is a set of photos from the year I had the privilege of enjoying drinks at Anvil:

something citrusy and half gone

Frankel makes the drinks

Campari Crystals!

Especial Riazul cocktail

The Aviation, back when I was working my way through “the List”

Milk punch. I wanted this when Anvil first opened!

Curried eggs at brunch

I bet it has Campari in it

Singapore Sling

The Michelada Throwdown

One of JJ’s Micheladas

Bobby’s Michelada

Plinio’s baconfat Michelada and bacon shortbread