One can fantasize about the abundance, dazzling variety, and exotic foods that one will find when one moves overseas. And then one can run into the brick wall of reality. This reality being that on a student budget, the Mercats here in Barcelona are, on the whole, too touristic and expensive for everyday grocery needs. Coupled with the fact that every single item you buy, including liters upon liters of bottled water, must be carried home, a feat which can be daunting on a daily basis. I was extraordinarily pleased to discover a Carrefour not two blocks from our apartment, and am not ashamed to admit that our pantry is filled with Carrefour brand coffee, bread, milk, and other sundries.

Across the street from the Carrefour is a store called Punt Fresc, which I think loosely translates into “Cool Place.” This is a fresh fruit and vegetable stand which has a very reasonably priced, though limited, selection.  On my first foray to the Punt Fresc, I discovered a corner where the women who worked there were bagging bruised and otherwise not shelf-worthy product for sale. The sign read “2 x 1” and after a few trips there, I’ve learned that you can either buy two bags of off produce for 1 Euro, or one bag…. for 1 Euro. Well dang, I’ll just have to buy two. And this is how I found myself with 3 dozen peaches, nectarines, and plums, all slightly off and needing to be consumed immediately.

A few of the fruits I sliced for immediate consumption. A dozen were juiced/otherwise mashed and made into peach butter. And the rest I made into this deliciously easy peach sherbet.  The original recipe can be found here, but I made some changes to accommodate my limited resources (we had not yet stocked our kitchen with sugar). Currently, my fanciest appliance is a countertop convection/microwave which I haven’t quite figured out how to use, so the option of using a food processor or ice cream machine was totally out.

easy peasy peach sherbet

Wash, peel, and slice enough peaches to yield about 6 cups. Freeze. This will make them much easier to mash up. Thaw for a few minutes, then use a fork to mash up the frozen peach slices. Blend in 250g (about 8 oz) of Carrefour brand strawberry yogurt, which is pretty dang sweet all by itself.  Freeze.  You can fluff the sherbet every 30 min while it’s freezing to try to make it easier to scoop, or just let it warm for a few minutes each time you scoop it. The flecks in the photo above are from a kiwi which found its way into my peaches. This is a fantastic cool treat after walking around town all day, and is even better topped with a little sweetened crème fraiche or whipped cream!