Matt & I recently completed a month long, cross-country national parks road trip.  There were several reasons behind the trip: We’re about to leave the US, and wanted to do a “farewell tour”, we’re both currently unemployed so this seems like good timing, camping is cheaper than hotels, we were able to see family along the way and show off my pregnant belleh.  But I like to think the main catalysts occurred years ago, long before we ever knew this series of events would coincide all at once.

Back in 2003, when we first started dating, Matt & I took our first road trip from Texas up to the East Coast.  He had picked up camping gear from his mother and we stayed in KOAs along the way. It was my first experience camping, and I loved it.  But how could you not, with this handsome boy scout taking care of all your needs?

Matt sets up camp, 2003

We had so much fun that when Matt’s mom gave him a week long stay at the Yellowstone Lodge as a graduation present, we decided to drive out there and camp along the way.

Me & Matt at Yellowstone Lodge, 2004

A couple of things happened on this trip. 1) I absolutely fell in love with our national parks and resolved to visit them all by the time I was 30 (this was 2004…. 30 seemed a long ways away then!)  2) I noticed a startling number of the RVs we saw on our trip seemed to be pulling Jeeps.

Thus the Jeep Project was born.  An unproved theory suggesting some correlation between the tendency to buy an RV and the tendency for a Jeep to be the vehicle you towed behind your RV.  For years, I wondered and remarked whenever I saw an RV pulling a Jeep.  Would it ever be possible to embark upon another cross country trip and actually tally the number of RVs pulling Jeeps?  Stay tuned to find out…