I clearly remember the first time I ever encountered kolaches. We had them for breakfast one morning at my on-campus job at Rice. Everyone was completely psyched and I had the distinct impression that there was something I just didn’t get. To me, a jelly donut beat these doughy confections with their paltry dab of fruit in the middle any day.

Fast forward 10 years. I’m now a Texas resident seasoned in the art of the kolache. I’d learned that kolaches aren’t supposed to be dry and tough, and fillings can range from any sort of fruit to combinations of meat and cheese that are perfect for kick-starting your day after a late night. So it was only fitting that on one of my last Texas road trips we stopped by one of the best known roadside Kolache shops: Hruska’s Store and Bakery.

Hruska’s kolache selection

With a plethora of fruit flavors to choose from, including multiple combinations of fruit and cream cheese, the selection at Hruska’s can be overwhelming. But I have always been a meat kolache girl and that is where Hruska’s takes the cake. They offer two types of sausage – link and pan, both made locally, in combination with sauerkraut or cheese. Sauerkraut in a breakfast pastry? Mmmm yes, and delicious at that!

Pan sausage (made in house) and sauerkraut kolache

pan sausage, jalapeño and cheese

If you’re not a kolache convert, do yourself a favor and stop by Hruska’s. Their generously sized kolaches will show you how it’s supposed to be done – with scrumptious fillings and slightly sweet, toothsome dough.

our kolache platter