I hadn’t seen any of these in Houston when I encountered one at possibly the world’s swankiest WaWa in Williamsburg, VA.  Since then, I’ve seen them all across the country (though still not in Texas).  To fulfill the curiosity of you, my blog readers, and to comfort my pregnant ice cream needs, I decided to try one out.

I chose a limited edition Reese’s peanut butter cup flavor. The directions are to choose your ice cream from the freezer, peel off the lid, then pop the cup into the milkshake machine located on the counter above. With lots of flashy lights and bright displays, it’s almost impossible to resist the interactive nature of this shiny new ice cream contraption. The machine sucks the cup up into its bowels, and after some whirring noises, a “freshly blended” milkshake is deposited back into your hand.

The verdict?

Well, it’s blended, cold, and a dairy product of some sort. The texture is mostly creamy, with a few icy chips mixed in. But a milkshake it is not. There’s no richness or creaminess, and the flavor is sort of watery and bland. For a convenience store ice cream treat, I’d stick to the ice cream sandwiches!