Do you know, I really wanted to dress my kid up in a little cowboy outfit and bring him to the Rodeo.

I love the Rodeo.  I lived in Houston for 6 years before ever going to the Rodeo, and once I did I couldn’t believe what I was missing.  Animals! Feats of strength! Food galore! A carnival – the best kind, with a giant ferris wheel! Every year, Matt tries to win me a stuffed animal. Once I came home with an Ewok.  Last year, a stuffed tiger.  I’m captivated by the whole experience – steer wrestling, chuck wagon races, the concert, the people.

This year, I made a point of embarrassing Matt almost beyond repair by taking pictures of food stalls.  In fact, I felt so bad about his shame that I only got one good picture.  But what a photo it is!

Turkey legs! The symbol of the Rodeo! With a new addition – chicken fried bacon on a stick – next to it.  Matt felt it his duty to “distract the proprietor” while I was doing this, asking her some mundane questions about their offerings.  Glorious.  But hardly as much as this:

Deep fried Snickers on a stick. This, my friends, is why I’m coming back to Houston.