Here is my first attempt at puff pastry.

The making of it crystallized in my mind the truth about baked goods: if you are in a hurry, they will fail. If the recipe says two hours, you better have all afternoon handy. I hoped for the puff pastry to be ready in time for dinner, so I cut short the chilling time when the rest of the recipe took longer than anticipated.

The result? It was an extremely stressful baking experience, but with 1 lb of butter…. you can’t really go wrong. Not as flaky or tender as I would like but still filled with buttery goodness.

For the tart, top the pastry (home made or store bought) with caramelized onions and thinly shaved asparagus. A vegetable peeler seems to do the trick for making shavings of asparagus. Hold the asparagus down on a flat surface and press the vegetable peeler parallel to the surface down the length of the stalk. This works much better than trying to “peel” it as if it were an apple.

Toss in salt, pepper, and a little olive oil before dressing the unbaked puff pastry dough. Because of the thin slices, the asparagus will cook in the same time it takes for the puff pastry to bake, about 15 minutes at 400 degrees.