Though I’ve been absolutely spoiled to have had quite a few dessert tastings at Textile, I hadn’t actually eaten dinner there until March. We were looking for a place to take Matt’s mom, and decided to go for their 5 course Menu Degustation.  We weren’t disappointed. Textile stands alone in its class as one of the most enjoyable restaurant experiences in Houston, and one of the best meals we’d had in the past year (up at the top with our New Year’s dinner at Vic and Anthony’s, thank you Chef Rodriguez and our amazing server, Michael Fulmer!).

Unfortunately, given the amount of time that has passed, I don’t remember each dish exactly (the glasses of wine probably didn’t help…) but will try to recount them as best as I can.

Light and refreshing “crab salad” in a cucumber gelatin.  Seriously? So good. That little puddle of avocado, the cool aspic, and meaty, fresh crab.

Seared duck with crisp caramelized beet cubes.  Usually I hate duck, but this was cooked to perfection, not tough or fatty. The beet cubes were spectacular. I ate Matt’s mom’s off her plate.

A delicious fish. Salmon? Sorry my recollection is so useless.

Braised pork belly, sauerkraut and a thoroughly perfect apple chip. A classic combination elevated to a higher level.

Sweetbreads and lamb chops with pickled veggies. What a great balance of flavors and textures. I will admit… my first sweetbreads and they were absolutely worth the wait.

A dessert that was new to me – the First Growth dessert. St Germain panna cotta and strawberries!