My last post was a recipe from Joy the Baker, and the first from her that I had ever tried.  Like many food blog readers, I skim and scroll but read hundreds more recipes than I have the opportunity to cook (and I gather from food blog comments that most are like me).  I have never held this blog out as having original content, and even in the few cases where I make recipes that are from my childhood memories, I am sure they can be found on the internet somewhere.  Of all the recipes I end up trying, I only post the ones that end up good, and I think of that as the function of this blog: suggestions, ideas, and a collection of tried and true recipes.

Joy recently tweeted: “i know people swipe my blog content and throw it up on their blogs all the time. i know. it’s easy. but yowza does it make me mad to see.”

So what do you think? Is this theft?