They say that Snow’s BBQ is the best BBQ in Texas.  How could I live in Texas for 9 years and pass this up?  Well the hours are a bit daunting – that whole 8 am on Saturday ’till they run out thing isn’t unusual for a BBQ joint, but Snow’s happens to be a 2.5 hour drive from my house.  Having known several satisfied folks who made the pilgrimage, I convinced two friends to make the drive with me.

It was a dreary morning when we set off at 6 AM, and once we got off the highway, we nearly missed the two turns that lead to Snow’s.  Thanks to a small, handwritten “Snow’s OPEN” sign, we careened off the road we were on, down a dirt and gravel path near some mooing cows, craned our heads to our right and saw this:

Well, it sure don’t look like a tourist destination

As it was 8:30 AM, we planned on getting some BBQ to go, for a delicious lunch after some hiking in Bastrop state park.  We walked in to find a few tables and a small counter with a steam table and ladies slicing brisket with the sort of electric knife you used to see in old comedies.  I queued up and ordered some brisket and sausage, and a whole brisket to go (yes, I’m the reason the brisket ran out early last weekend. My apologies).

We sat down to have a taste of BBQ as we hadn’t eaten all morning, and holy moly… we couldn’t stop eating!  The brisket was fall apart juicy, with perfect burnt ends.  The sausage was a bit crumbly but still juicy.  The vinegar based sauce was perfect.  I have no photos of the BBQ because we ate too quickly and too greasily.

We thanked the ladies profusely when we got up to leave and packed up our leftovers.  They asked if we’d tried any of the pork shoulder, which was their favorite item, and sliced us several pieces.  Perhaps it was because we were engorged on brisket, but the shoulder wasn’t nearly as good, though still juicy and flavorful.

Snow’s BBQ has three more converts.  We’ve decided that a 6 AM drive, followed by BBQ, hiking, and more BBQ, might be the perfect Saturday morning.