sloppy joes, one of life’s great comfort foods

This was a year of growth.  I ate a lot of takeout (which, incidentally, happens to be one of life’s greatest pleasures).  I discovered new interests, cooked new recipes, made a valiant attempt to organize my photos and raged at bad lighting and focus.  I made a concerted effort to put away the phone and camera when out with friends or having dinner and mostly succeeded. But for those times I did have a camera… a summary:

soda bread

I’m not a bread baker. Well, unless you count hockey pucks, I’m a CHAMPION hockey puck baker. This makes me sad, because I’m a champion bread EATER. When you start talking about “kneading to a smooth ball” and “punch down” I’m totally lost. Enter, Irish soda bread. Baking soda, you complete me.

garlic granules

I’m a cheat! I love garlic granules when I forget or am too lazy to use real garlic.

puff pastries

Puff pastries filled with ground pork, carmelized shallots, golden raisins, cinnamon, Brillat Savarin. Though I loved Brillat when I tried it at 13Celsius, it proved too delicate and melty for this combination.


Rosemary, oregano, and thyme picked from my garden in December. Just another reason why I love Houston.

braised chicken with olives and tomatoes

An absolute gem of a recipe made all the more delicious with juicy, local pastured chicken from Georgia’s Grassfed Beef.