Ok! So I know my last two posts have been on how fall-like the weather is here and how lovely it is for stews and soups and so forth.  I’m going to throw everyone for a loop here, but I do live in Texas, where it can be 60 and gorgeous one day, blazing and 90 the next.  So here’s a delicious, fresh and simple cherry tomato recipe for those of you lucky enough to be still getting beautiful cherry tomatoes.  I made chicken escoffier (according to Alice Waters) which involved chicken, bread crumbs, and… butter.  A quick fridge survey turned up some shallots and tomatoes, a trip to the garden for rosemary and wham bam thank you ma’m, dinner is served:

cherry tomatoes

summery cherry tomatoes

Chop a few sprigs of fresh rosemary and heat in a skillet with butter.  Slice 3-4 shallots thin and saute until brown and crispy.  Working quickly, place halved cherry tomatoes cut side down over the hot shallots in the skillet and char on their cut sides.  Let sit for a couple minutes, then stir, remove from heat and serve.  This quick method of cooking ensures the tomatoes remain juicy, plump and fresh tasting while still getting a bit soft from the heat.