Well… honestly, not much.

But additive powers of ranch dressing plus fried chicken?  Now we’re talking.

Last night, we went to BBQ Inn to partake of some more of their delicious fried chicken.  Why do I feel like I was just there?  Oh wait… maybe because I just was.  What I didn’t write about, though, was my leftover fried chicken adventures.  See, I had lots of leftover fried chicken – the portions at BBQ Inn are huge, and we had two orders to save from.  We all know fried chicken is delicious the next day.  Serendipity, struck, though, in the form of a visit from my friend Joni (@jabuck1979).  Joni has been working on her own delicious line of hand blended spices, and she brought me a huge bag stuffed to the brim with jars of beautiful spices.  I dove in, gleefully.

The first one I tried was her beautiful ranch dressing/dip multitasker.  This beautiful spice blend is a vibrant, speckled green.  And as I quickly learned… it’s delicious on cold leftover fried chicken.  In fact, I now save fried chicken exactly for this purpose.  It’s also wonderful on tomatoes, with chips, and probably raw veggies, if I liked raw veggies.

ranch dressingmmmm…. ranch dip!

The next spice jar I opened up was her Texas Chili.  Did I make chili expressly for the purpose of making frito pie?  Possibly.  Did I eat four frito pies in the next week?  I plead the fifth (sixth, seventh and eighth…).  Mmmm… cheese covered chili.  All I know is every time I reheated that chili, my hands automatically went for the frito bag.  So delicious, and it only got better with time.

chili mixadd meat, add beer = yum

Lloyd & Buck’s other offerings include creamy chipotle dressing, grill seasoning, Italian dressing, taco seasoning, enchilada filling and sauce, meatball seasoning and hot chocolate.  I used the Italian dressing mix dry to make a kick-butt pasta salad with cucumbers and tomatoes one evening.  Next week I’ll be test driving her enchilada filling and sauce with some cheese and chorizo enchiladas.

Check her out at http://www.lloydandbuck.com or, if you like, leave me a comment or tweet (@treelight) and I’ll be happy to let you try any of these mixes yourself! Provided, of course, that I haven’t used them all up already…