This isn’t the usual thing I post in my blog, but it won’t fit on twitter and I really wanted to share it.  Baron von Awesome (@cptincredible) suggested I blog it and I don’t really have any other upcoming topics so here goes…

[disclaimer: this joke is not meant as a dis to either elephants nor pastry chefs.]


It seems there was an elephant who decided to get a part time job at a bakery* to save up to buy a toilet. When he showed up to the interview, the manager asked the elephant what qualifications he had to work a part time job. As the elephant passionately laid out his extensive retail and patisserie experience, the manager interrupted him curtly exclaiming, “Wait — if you buy a toilet, and flush your business — what will the poor dung beetles eat?”

The elephant straightened his tie and tossed this beauty of a zinger orally into the ether: “They shall eat your finest croissants,” the elephant intoned, “And doubtless they shan’t taste the diff.”

*you should know that this particular bakery is known for the unusually poor quality of its croissants