I must really love this place.  It’s my third blog post on it.  But as you’ll see from my last one, I utterly failed to get a photo of their scrumptious shrimp po-boy last time.

Lankford’s shrimp po-boy is only served as a lunch special on Fridays and Saturdays (if they have it at all).  I would dare to call it the best shrimp po-boy in town except for the hue and cry I know that will cause, and for the fact that I certainly do not purport to be a po-boy connoisseur by any means.  Therefore I will content myself with a listing of its merits:

lankford po-boy

First, the roll.  It is fine.  It could be a Sysco roll for all I know.

The shrimp.  They are amazing.  Plump, juicy, crunchy, large, deliciously fried and generously portioned.

The sauce.  It is dressed with both a tangy, creamy, slightly spicy mayo on the bun and a vinagrette drizzled over the whole mess.

The toppings.  Chopped onions, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Really, it’s the shrimp and the sauce that make the whole thing.  They’re fantastic.

I am hunting a photo of the shrimp & oyster po-boy from Beaver’s as well.  That sandwich is easily twice the size of this, huge hunks of golden fried crustaceans balanced on half a delicious buttered roll.  My only beef with the Beaver’s po-boy is that it is literally impossible to eat.  But well worth the attempt!

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