What happens when you have fantastic friends who cook?  You get to combine a lot of really amazing ideas and maybe come up with some really tasty things.

Plinio (@psandalio, blog here) and Ronnie Killen (@ze1chef) got a discussion going via twitter on the merits of a vinegar pre-soak for cut french fries.  Mmmm salt and vinegar fries?  Sign me up!  Combine this with Gourmet Heathen’s hilarious “it’s so simple; it’s so stupid; it’s amazing” fry methodology and you have delicious fries for a summer picnic.

The lesson?

1) Russet potatoes did end up a little chewy.  Next time I will try yukon golds as directed.

2) The oil MUST be cold when the fries are added.  Otherwise fries will be SUPER CHEWY.

3) Although easy, this method is by no means quick.

Without further ado…

friesvinegar fries

Cut potatoes into fry shapes.  I used russets but yukon golds are suggested.  Rinse in cold water, then cover and soak in vinegar.  Malt or plain white vinegar is best.  Soak for an hour or two.

Shake vinegar off fries and place in enough cold oil to cover.  Turn heat on high until oil is boiling.  Fries are done when they are nice and brown (appx 20-30 min).  Stir once during cooking, about 15 minutes in.  More than that and the fries may fall apart.  That’s it!