Lately, as a reprive from the pressure of making dinner every night, I’ve been letting the hunny (or as he’s sometimes affectionately and tongue in cheek referred to, the Food Critic) make his own meals.  His specialty seems to be some sort of pasta, cheese and meat product, and tonight was no exception.  I’d been feeling slightly under the weather all weekend and was craving congee, or as I called it as a child, watery rice.  That’s especially odd because I never particularly liked watery rice as a kid and I don’t think my feelings have changed much.  It just evokes especially comforting childhood memories that help when I have an upset tummy.

So, we bravely steeled ourselves for the clash of the childhood meals in the kitchen.  Him: hamburgers, meat only, with ketchup and annie’s mac n cheese.  Sorry, you can’t rely on him to take pictures of his meals 🙂

Me: congee, leftover stir fry, and congee trimmings.


Here’s my watery rice topped with leftover carrot and pork stir fry.  I began with a scant 3 cups of cooked rice, to which I added 3 cups of water.  I simmered the mixture until it began to thicken and added more water as I made the rest of my meal.  Total cooking time: about 30 minutes for the rice to break down and thicken.  My total water added was about 5 cups but you might add more depending on how watery you like your rice.  I like it pretty thick and gluey, not too watery.


Congee fixins! Top counter clockwise: fish rou, chinese pickled cucumber, and cold spicy celery.  The first two can be found at your local asian mart and the third I made.  Very simple: slice celery thin and diagonally, toss with kosher salt and let chill in a colander.  Before serving, toss with lemon juice, chile flakes and sesame oil.

While I finished eating, the hun went to go bring in a smoker/grill we’d just bought from the car.  A crash, a bang, and a sad eyed hun came in holding out his hand, looking very much like a little boy who had just finished his mac n cheese.  The grill had fallen shut and cut his finger, now bleeding and swollen.  “Can you help me?” he asked in a small voice.  After ascertaining there were no bones broken and no stitches warranted, I washed his finger and wrapped it in a band aid with a little Neosporin.  Then I helped him move the grill to the yard and gave him a big hug.

Some parts of us never really grow up…