Being the product of an Asian family, I, naturally, grew up playing at least one instrument (as well as being stupidly gifted at standardized tests and math, of course.  Gifts that have somehow left me as an adult).  My main instrument of choice was the piano, which I began playing at the tender age of three and kept at for the next nineteen years, until graduating, somewhat dubiously and accidentally, with a degree in music and no inkling of what was going to keep bread on my table for the rest of my life.

Every weekend from the fourth grade through the end of high school, I took piano and theory lessons at the Bryn Mawr Conservatory of Music.  Though incredibly intimidated at first by the ancient building with its labyrinth of rooms, some holding shelf after shelf of beautiful classical albums and others filled with musical theory books, I grew to love the ivy covered house with its white wooden patio and heavy velvet curtains.  But my very favorite part of all was waiting in between lessons.  You see, the Conservatory only subscribed to the Very Best Magazines.  And among those magazines was Saveur.

In college, I splurged on a subscription to Saveur.  With my clumsy, budding cooking skills, I tried fiddling with the Saveur recipes that I had drooled over for years.  Alas, disaster after foolish disaster eventually convinced me that Saveur recipes are better read than tried.

I’ve been going back and rediscovering, though, that either my recipe translation skills have vastly improved or… something.  Because almost every Saveur recipe I’ve tried lately has been spot on.  And that includes this one:

cheesy chicken goodnessmore cheese, please!

chicken breasts stuffed with cheese and prosciutto

Original recipe here.

Make a deep incision in the side of two bone in, skin on chicken breasts.  Chop 1 T tarragon and 2 t thyme springs, mash in a motor and pestle with 3 cloves garlic.  Since we visited Switzerland, with very fragrant fondue, we’re not such fans of the scent of raclette.  I substituted 2 thick slices of Beemster Graskaas cheese instead.  Wrap the slices of cheese in prosciutto and stuff into the chicken cavities; cover thoroughly in the herb paste.  Cover with chicken and skewer to close.  Brown the chicken breasts skin side down in an ovenproof skillet over medium-high heat, then move to a 475 degree oven and roast for about 20 minutes. Flip, stick it under the broiler and brown.

Remove the chickens from the skillet.  Add 1/2 c chicken broth, scrape up any browned bits from the pan.  I used this delicious chicken dripping/broth mix, along with some lemon juice, to sautee some broccoli.  You should use it to make whatever your heart desires!