This place is a bellah buster, take no prisoners.  And the leftovers, not so good after two days… my recommendation is to go with lots of friends and eat it all there. Unless you like the unhappy tummys.

Confusing?  Yes.  Order at the counter, says the sign, except the jolly, friendly proprietor says “no hurry, I take your order, sit down!”  Which is fine, but your stomach is absolutely about to eat itself from watching everyone else get heaping piles of curry and lamb and naan and meanwhile bustling servers rush by, and having meekly been hushed, you sit and wait.

Delicious? ohhmhygod. The samosas have a lot of crust, but the crust is so delicious that it could be all crust, and that would be okay.  Meanwhile the filling, once you find it, has a delicate, unusual fennel flavor and the tamarind sauce is the perfect foil.


At a loss for what to order, we asked for help.  “Well of course you’ll have the lamb biryani.”  And so we did.

lamb biryani

I just love basically anything with Basmati rice, and this, with the delicate saffron and tender chunks of lamb, was absolutely no exception.  I wanted more and more of the delicious onions on top. Someone had said to get the garlic naan… so we snuck that in there, though to be honest the proprietor seemed irked that we ordered so much food, on top of the chicken curry (or was it curry? not sure. It was delicious and extremely spicy):



To be honest, the garlic naan was good, but the plain naan was just as tasty.  And I had some of the best mango lassi ever here – so thick it barely came up the straw, with a few chips of ice floating in the top, rich and tangy.

By the end of the meal, my mouth was burning but with a pungent, flavorful fire, not the kind that comes from thoughtless seasoning, and I wanted to keep eating.  All kinds of seasonings were alive in my mouth.

This is a restaurant worth exploring.

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