Fruit is endlessly versatile. Watermelon with a sprinkle of salt, bananas with a slice of cheese (don’t laugh, I saw Mr. Rodgers do it!), melons wrapped in prosciutto, berries with a hint of sugar, peaches in cream, papayas blended in milk.  Even avocado shakes and tomatoes with sugar are just an extention of versatile fruit.

I needed something simple and portable to bring to brunch last weekend.  What better to bring than fresh strawberries? When I came across Mark Bittman’s recipe for Almond Creme Anglaise I just had to make it.  It was spectacular.  Don’t bother straining it unless you’re a real stickler for details; I think it’s just fine and tasty as is.  I tossed the berries with fresh mint from my garden which really puts this recipe over the top.

berries in creme anglaise