You would think that after last weekend’s Fried Chicken Throwdown, I would have been completely chickend out.  For some reason, after not cooking for two weeks, I went to the store and bought not one, but two whole chickens for this week’s dinners.  And proceded to make one of the tastiest, and unphotographable meals ever.

Baked chicken with cream sauce

Just a couple slight tweaks to the recipe.  I festooned my chicken with lots of dried herbs before popping it in the oven.  I used a little less cheese than listed, though my swiss cheese was pretty pungent for swiss.  Since I wanted to use the same pan for chicken and sauce (thus saving the tasty chicken drippings in the sauce), I put the chicken back into the cream sauce after it was made, then slid the whole thing under the broiler.

It browns beautifully, creating lovely crispy chicken skin.  The sauce is delicious and the chicken incredibly moist and tender.  Best of all, the recipe is super easy.