Eight (!) years ago, I’d never had Mexican food that wasn’t Taco Bell.  I didn’t know what Tex-Mex was, that tacos came with options other than smothered in cheese, and barbacoa was a foreign tongue.  My college friends would make late night runs to Taco Cabana that utterly perplexed me – here was another world of food I knew utterly nothing about, that arrived hot and greasy in cardboard boxes, satisfying drunken late night cravings.  Those would be the only times I ever ate Mexican.

Enough time in Texas teaches even the most cheese-aphobic asians among us, and we learn that not everything comes with a heaping portion of cheddar and jack melted on top.  And even those things that do aren’t terribly bad, if eaten hot and fresh from the oven:

enchiladaschicken enchiladas

I’m a big believer in the school cafeteria method of cooking.  You know, leftover roast chicken becomes casserole becomes chicken soup becomes mystery meatloaf… well, hopefully gets eaten before the mystery meat part.  We had a leftover roast chicken so I shredded the meat, stuffed it in some corn tortillas, rolled them up and covered them in my tomatillo sauce.  Covered the whole thing in shreded cheddar and jack cheese, bake at 350 for 30 minutes.  Brown in the broiler before serving.

It does turn into a grease puddle if left in the oven too long – this isn’t a dish that “keeps warm” well at all.  That explains a lot about my college Taco Cabana days.

Not too bad for an expat from PA…