Here’s the sauce I was making at 7 this morning.  It’s delicious on enchiladas, fish, chicken, pork, you get the point…

tomatillo saucetomatillo sauce in mason jar

All amounts are approximate and scale very well.

Soak a dried red chile in hot water for 30 min.  Saute half an onion and 2-3 garlic cloves, chopped, in hot oil in a pot until translucent.  Slit chile, remove stem and seeds.  Wash about a pound of fresh tomatillos, check for caterpillers (eee!) and other fun things that stick to them.  Chop chile, add to onions with tomatillos and chile water.  Turn heat down and simmer until tomatillos break apart and sauce thickens.  Season to taste if necessary.  Blend if you wish, or just mash it up with a wooden spoon.