Hey, food stylists out there.  Any tips on making dip presentable?  It’s just this.  I have this great dill dip recipe, but I’ve been holding off posting it because every time I go to photograph it, instead of looking delicious, it just looks like a while blob.  It’s really quite stylin’ and versatile, can go from Tanglewood to the Super Bowl in a flash, but you wouldn’t know it from its pictures.

dill dip

Mix approximately 3 parts sour cream with one part mayo – the mayo just tempers the sour of the sour cream and you can definitely just skip it if you’re not a mayo fan.  Add one container of chipped beef, chopped (they come in 2.25 oz jars from Armour, champion of potted meat products), and as many sprigs of fresh dill, chopped, as you can handle.  I love dill, so I’ll use a whole bunch – 10 sprigs or so.  Mix, with celery seed, salt and pepper to taste.  The perfect dipper for this is pumpernickel bread.  It’s a great summer picnic dip!