Houston has some of the best restaurants EVAR, (I’m talking to you guys – Reef, Feast, t’afia – hell the places I frequent for a quick bite – Black Walnut, BW3, that taco place) but for sake of time & money, and to keep things interesting, we eat most of our meals at home.

Which leads to a conundrum for the upcoming few weeks.

The hunny and I are taking the CFA exam (he: level II, me: level I, I chickened out of level I six months ago) on June 7.  We are woefully behind in studying (NBA playoffs did not help) and I am running out of quick things to fix for dinner.  We’ve had a ton of quesadillas, pizzas, soups, meatloaf, stir fry and spaghetti.  Now I am turning to you, DKA faithful.  Be my 20 minute Gourmet.

You’ll be a lifesaver if I can rack up enough recipes to last until the test.