At the cusp of breakfast and lunch, the hunny and I were poised at an indecision point (this is common) on where to eat.  Breakfast Klub? Tacos a Go-Go?  I suggested Lankford Grocery, as he’d never been there, though new restaurants are a risky endeavor and Lankford can be dicey.  Though the food is hearty, service can be confusing.  I never know if one is supposed to pester the waitstaff to order, wait patiently, or go to the counter, though I suppose that’s part of the charm.  I had a sad experience once with a friend when we showed up on time for breakfast, but no one took our orders until after breakfast time had passed.  I feel personally responsible when friends are let down by restaurants, so we ended up leaving without breakfast or lunch.

It looked like this might happen again when the hunny and I sat outside, and I could feel him growing impatient as we waited.  “How does this work,” he asked, “do we just sit here for hours until they feel like taking our order?”  We salvaged the situation by moving in and sitting at the counter, where our orders were promptly taken.  Within minutes, two baskets of onion rings, a huge bacon cheeseburger, and the biggest po-boy I’d ever seen were promptly delivered to our table.  Seriously, I wish I had my camera as I was at a loss for how to eat this po-boy, but I’m sure glad I figured it out.  I was expecting bread, fried shrimp, a slather of mayo, maybe some tomatoes and lettuce.  What I got was a monster bun filled with delicious, crisp shrimp, heaped with tomatoes, lettuce, and red onions, dressed with mayo and a tangy vinagrette. Best. Poboy. Ever.

The hunny was also very pleased with his hamburger, relief!  Lankford isn’t a quick endeavor, but dang, it’s a tasty one.  Now, naptime.