At a recent food event I came across these guys: the cookie lounge.  The hunny didn’t like their cookies, but I loved their concept: fresh baked cookies to order, with your choice of mix-in (like Marble Slab, only with cookie dough!), milk and coffee on premesis.  What makes them pretty much irresistable is their marketing – cookies have classic flavor combinations, like oatmeal dough with walnut, apple and raisin mix in, or vanilla dough with cherries and hazelnuts.  Milk is served at the Milk Bar, “shaken, not stirred”, with flavorings and, of course, milk shakes available.

With wi-fi, games, and a fun environment, I could see this catching on like bubble tea.  Imagine, cookie date night, cookie sleepovers, lock-ins, corporate parties or teambuilding, kids parties, etc.

I think Houston needs a cookie lounge…