Wiseman House Toffee: Irresistible. Generous squares of slightly salty toffee with the perfect chocolate to caramel ratio, studded with almonds. They make decadent truffles, as well.

A tasty, light, tangy tomato based tuna salad from Grape Vine Market in Austin. The hunny, who doesn’t like tuna, thought it was chicken when he picked some up, and ended up liking it. I want to replicate it because sometimes one gets tired of the mayonnaise based tuna salad.

Poblano Pimento Cheese from The Learning Pear, in Wimberly. Why didn’t I think of this? I am always topping my pimento cheese with jalapenos and blending poblanos in takes it a step up.

Truffled parmesan fries from Anchovies in Boston. These fries were addictively crisp and thin, I could not stop eating them. The parmesan helped keep the truffle flavor from being overwhelming.