Problem: well meaning mother in law buys a dozen eggs with which to bake a cake without realizing a dozen eggs are already hidden in the back of my refrigerator.

Solution: frittata!

I do not own a frittata pan. Nor have I ever made a frittata before. No matter. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of delicious ingredients, lots of eggs, and hungry boys at breakfast. In this instance, I had some leftover asparagus, various cheeses, some chorizo, and 3 (yes three!) hungry boys to feed. This is a recipe for success.

frittata frittata frittata

Beat approximately seven eggs in a bowl. I started with six and kept adding. I may have ended up with eight, I don’t remember exactly. Add some leftover cooked veggies, cut into bite size pieces – I had asparagus – add meat – in this case, thinly sliced and chopped chorizo, and add cheese. I grated a block of smoked cheddar. Heat oil in the bottom of a pan. Thinly slice onions and brown in the oil. Add egg mixture to onions (my idea here was to create a layer of carmelized onions on the bottom of the frittata. It sort of worked. It was tasty, and did not stick to the pan, whatever). Cover pan and cook on medium until eggs are mostly set, about 6-7 minutes.

Top with some more cheese, broil until eggs are completely set and frittata is browned. Slice and serve with toast.