Date of Visit: 03/17/09

Location: Houston

I’ll admit that I’ve been to Lankford Grocery & Market before. On this previous visit, the 88 Dennis street location was incredibly difficult to find, the shabby setting was a letdown, not charming, and my dining companions and I decided to eat somewhere tried and true rather than risk disappointment. After all, we were hungry, frustrated, and tired, and this somewhat sad looking grocery front did not look promising.

So when my boss said, “Hey what’s that place supposed to have really good burgers? Let’s have lunch there.” I was all over it. I wanted to make amends. And make amends we did. This is a family run operation. Our order was taken by a 10 year old girl whose little sister followed her around telling her “Momma doesn’t want you takin’ orders.” I wouldn’t recommend going against momma’s direction, as we weren’t sure if we would get what we ordered – but it all came out fine. Every last bit.

Meatloaf was the meal of the day, and rib stickin’ is putting it mildly. The mac ‘n cheese was swimming in grease, but holy cow, the mashed potatoes was the icing – deliciously home made, with perfect gravy. Home cookin’ at its finest. Of course we had to try the burgers. And they did not disappoint. These are double fist burgers – hold on tight and have lots of napkins handy. They come with all the fixins’ so you better specify if there’s somethin’ you don’t want on your burger. Otherwise, just enjoy, because they’re deliciously juicy, perfectly charred and greasy as hell. The onion rings are a perfect accompaniment.

Recommended: Burger, onion rings, mashed potatoes.

Price: Under $20 for the meal of the day w/2 sides, iced tea and a burger with onion rings. But you have to pay at the register and because of that we forgot to tip!! Don’t you make the same mistake!

Food – 4/5 bacon slices. Rib stickin’, fillin’, drop all your g’s food. Darn good burgers.
Atmosphere – 3/5 bacon slices. What atmosphere? Unless you’re into that sort of thing. Then it’s super fun.
Miscellany – This is a real family joint, and cash only. Lots of regulars, and I hear the breakfasts are great too. Make it a tradition, they decorate for the season, and oooh. It’s just so fun. I can’t wait to go back.