Date of Visit: 03/07/09

Location: Houston

Any new restaurant from the people who did Reef will make my ears perk up. I can’t wait for the next time I get to go there… but there are other restaurants on my list to try first (Rainbow Lodge… Voice… Feast…). A late night came around, the opportunity arose, and I suggested Little Big’s for sliders and milkshakes.

At the location of the former Ming’s, how could things possibly go wrong? Late night parking, for starters. Half of Ming’s parking has been sabotaged for Little Big’s new and improved patio- and while it’s nice to sit on, it sure makes it a pain when circling the block for a place to put the car. I felt like I was going to South Beach, not stopping for a bite to eat. But no matter… it wasn’t too long before I found a spot. I’d hate to be there at midnight on a Saturday, though – this was around 10:30.

Little Big’s big thing is the 1/6 lb slider, freshly ground and on a fresh baked roll, topped with carmelized onions and cheese if you wish. “Order in threes” they say, so I did, with fries, and a vanilla shake. A compatriot got the butterscotch shake – boy, I’m glad I didn’t. It tasted like… maybe I just don’t like butterscotch. The shake was good, but I’d rather go to Katz’s, just a block down, for a shake. The fries, “worth the 4 minute wait” were actually quite worth the wait. The problem was that I kept waiting, and like an imbecile, kept jumping up whenever anyone’s name was called, whether or not it was mine. I’m not good with systems where my name is called because I tend to forget I’m supposed to be listening for it and then worry about whether I missed it. Starbucks might be an exception because I can watch them making my drink so it doesn’t matter whether they actually get my name right or not.

On to the much anticipated burgers. Maybe I was just stuffed from fries (my order and half of someone else’s by this point) and half a milkshake, but the burgers were just okay. I’d rather have one big burger rather than three sliders from Little Big’s – and I’ll tell ya from where (review coming!). The carmelized onions didn’t have much carmelized flavor to them, more char than anything, and the burger tasted too upscale, if that makes sense. I want a burger to ooze greasy, and this was too prim.

In conclusion, I will keep looking for late night spots to eat, and Little Big’s…. good fries, but misses otherwise. I still love Reef, though.

Recommended: fries! Patio seating was nice.

Price: Under $20 for 6 sliders, one milkshake and one order of fries. Very reasonable. I hear the alcohol is very well priced as well.

Food – 3/5 bacon slices. Man, I wanted to like this place. But man cannot live on fries alone.
Atmosphere – 4/5 bacon slices. The patio is really nice!
Miscellany – If it were really late and I really wanted fries and beer or fries and a milkshake because I was tipping drunk, this would be perfect. But I wouldn’t come for the burgers, and that’s supposed to be the whole point.