Date of Visit: 02/25/09

Location: Houston

Although I’ve had their Bloomin’ Onion (takeout!), I had never eaten at the Outback. So when we had the opportunity to dine there relatively free of charge thanks to some Christmas gift cards, it seemed like a great chance to give it a shot. Their TV ads look good…

When we got there, the restaurant was dead. The drinks menu looked really good, but we decided to opt for a Bloomin Onion and two Teriyaki Sirloins. Unfortunately the restaurant was out of the Teriyaki Sirloin. Yikes. Bad sign. You should never be out of something that’s essentially everything else on your menu, with a different sauce on it. Can you say prepackaged!?

Instead, I got some grilled steak cubes and grilled shrimp with rice and pineapples. What a terrible, horrible, sad state of food. The shrimp tasted like it had been brined. The Bloomin Onion had so much salt I couldn’t even taste it. The steak was so old I could smell the refrigerator it had been in. You know the way steak smells after you mean to cook it but you’ve worked late a few days? Yeah, that smell.

The only saving grace was the server, who was a sweet as pie.

Recommended: No

Price: Don’t do it.

Food – terrible. 0/5 bacon slices.
Atmosphere – mediocre. 1/5 bacon slices.
Miscellany – that server should be working somewhere else. She’d make a lot more money at taste of texas or saltgrass!