Date of visit: 02/10/09

Location: Vegas

Finding this restaurant can be confusing, but the view is well worth it. Unfortunately, the prices reflect the cost of that view. Don’t believe the Mandalay Bay site, which lists the average meal as $90/pp, or OpenTable, which lists prices as $$$ (the same as Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris Las Vegas, a sit down cafe style restaurant with a patio). The official Mix site can be found here and will give you a much more reasonable view of what to expect going in.

That being said, being duly prepared can lead to a wondeful experience at Mix. The view is stunning, the ambience tasteful, nearly surreal and very unique. Service is very good (though sometimes the waiter was difficult to hear). The waitstaff could have been a little faster to realize that one diner at our table was not pleased with his meal but once they did, they were very good about doing whatevery they could to rectify the situation.

For an appetizer, I tried a house made pasta with bison osso bucco. It was almost large enough to be a meal itself, and the meat was richly flavored. Other appetizers throughout our table included the tuna tartare, which was spectatular, and served with plantain chips that were thin enough to see through. A foie gras terrine was tender and rich (though difficult to compare with a seared foie I had the night before at Olives), and the crab salad had a unique hint of bitter watermelon that was very unique.Impeccably delicious fish at Mix

Entrees included the evening special, which unfortunately was the evening disappointment. I ordered thai snapper, perfumed with a sauce that is driving me nuts now because I can’t remember what it was called or exactly what was in it, but included cinnamon, cardamom and cumin at least. Other entrees around the table seemed to please, including bison and duck.

For dessert, we ordered the Mix candy bar but it was not available! Instead, we had the chocolate souffle, recommended by the waiter, and the tiramisu. The tiramisu was amazing, the the souffle was average. The best part of the souffle was the pistachio ice cream, which was served on a bed of crushed meringue.

As a pleasant surprise, hot mandelines were brought out after our meal, with nutella.

I am a bit confused, because I was not the individual who had the conversation with the server, but it seems no tap water is available in this restaurant, only bottled. I have never had this happen before in America. With quite a markup on the bottled water ($10 a bottle – does this seem expensive to anyone else?), it is safe to say that we all left the meal very thirsty.

Recommended: Tiramisu, tuna tartare, bison, foie gras, fish dishes.

Price: About $260 for 2, including gratuity, dessert, appetizers, and drinks.

Food – 4.5/5 bacon slices. I did not think anything could top Reef for fish, but this did. Dessert was disappointing, but appetizers were wonderful.
Atmosphere – 4/5 bacon slices. As long as you know what you’re getting into, this can be a great experience. The view is amazing and the design aesthetic is really slick.
Miscellany – Maybe bring your own water?