Honestly, I’ve been cooking. It’s hard to keep up with everything, so I end up with these post dumps, which are not conducive to having people read & follow this (or any) blog.


And yet I keep spawning more. It’s like a disease.

Here we have an “open face quesadilla.” I like it because the bottom gets so nice and toasty, and because I don’t have to cover the top with cheese, so it’s really pretty. It’s easy to eat, and doesn’t get all gushy because you don’t have to cut it up like a normal quesadilla.

This one was made with local honey-infused goat cheese, a little grated cheddar, chorizo (the dried, not fresh, kind), and chopped scallions.

In the background, we have chorizo stuffed dates. I LOVE chorizo (this time, the fresh kind) stuffed dates – but always felt they were lacking balance. Traditionally, the method is to saute the chorizo, stuff it in a date, wrap the date in (uncooked) bacon- one half a slice per date will do- and cook the stuffed dates in a skillet until the bacon is crispy. This is delicious, but very, very meaty. I took the same honey-goat cheese, and laid a slice into each date. The flavor was perfect, and balanced out the chorizo/date/bacon perfectly.