When I make stir fry, I usually start with pork chops from the butcher and trim as much fat as possible to make lean strips of pork to stir fry. View above, ball of raw, trimmed pork.

When I started cooking on my own, I didn’t know what to do with all my trimmings. So I threw them out. These days I am much more useful in the kitchen, and save scraps and bones for stock and drippings for frying or baking. I still was not sure what to do with these minuscule scrapings of fat, though. It was only recently that I remembered what my mom used to do with the trimmings (during a recent visit, actually), which was – she fries them up in oil!

It makes sense, after all. What are these bits of fat from a pork chop other than tiny pieces of bacon?

mmmmm…. bacon