Date of visit: 02/01/2009

Location: Houston

One of the perks of living in my area of town is being within walking distance of little Mexico. I love being able to pick up breakfast for the entire office for $20, and you can’t beat the deals at Canino’s produce. The vast majority of the restaurants on this little strip of Airline drive are seafood places, intriguing in their amalgamation of cuisines.

Take Connie’s. With your platter of fish, you may choose a side of either fries or shrimp fried rice. These are the kinds of restaurants I usually shy away from, but for some reason I was lured in. Perhaps it was the late night crowd, or the late night hunger. In any case, I was very pleasantly surprised. Connie’s is the typical Southern fried fish place I alluded to in my previous seafood post – but the fish is fresh, the portions are huge, and the price is right. Also, the shrimp fried rice is really tasty!

I’ll admit I was a little worried about our order being lost in translation, but part of the charm of the restaurant is feeling as if you’re no longer really in control of what’s going on. In any case, everything came out perfectly. The Connie Sampler (or something similarly named) allows you to choose two of several seafood combinations: stuffed crabs, oysters, shrimp, or fish. I ordered the catch of the day, which was reasonably priced at under $10 and quite enough food for almost 3 meals.

Be warned that the ceviche is generously topped with Tabasco!

Recommended: Ceviche if you like spicy!, fried rice, any of the fish/shrimp combos.

Price: $44 for two with gratuity, cerveza, and ceviche.

Food – 4/5 bacon slices – I’ll definitely come back, because I live within walking distance. You may not feel the same way, but I can’t help that…
Atmosphere – 2/5 bacon slices. Ok, Spanish soap opera and metal chairs might not be your thing.
Miscellany – maybe you’re into possibly having your order lost in translation? An element of risk in your meal? Then this place is for you!