Date of visit: 1/14/09 and once previously

Location: Houston

When I heard of Monica Pope’s foray into an upscale icehouse BBQ joint, I hustled my tail over to give it a try… and was sorely disappointed. I love t’afia, and Beaver’s failed to meet expectations despite what should have been a competent hand at the tiller. The view from the patio out back is spectacular, but the weird flatbread failed to satisfy, and the BBQ itself was dry, flaky, and generally disappointing. Brisket was dry. The only good piece of meat were the ribs.

News eventually came that a new chef had arrived in the kitchen, and the results were promising. My company needed a place to take an interviewee out for a night on the town, so I suggested we start here for dinner. I figured not having to dish out exorbitant prices out of my own pocket might help lessen the pain.

Cocktails were irresistably delicious, as before. We ordered up a mess of appetizers and two BBQ samplers. The pulled pork was amazing – tender and juicy, and just tangy enough – the meat was gobbled up instantly and we needed to order a third sampler. Every appetizer went down quickly, and the table had several baskets of fresh, hot chips with our queso. Even better, they seem to have fixed the issue with the bread and have replaced it with delicious thick slices of hot toast that worked wonderfully for sopping up the remains of sauce and queso. Yum!!

I didn’t get to try all the meat, but judging by how quickly it went, Beaver’s has improved drastically from the sad, dry meat from our last visit. We will be returning!

Recommended: Sampler – pulled pork was all I got to try but it was great!, Fried pickles have a tempura like batter, really tasty, Mac N Cheese is wonderful. From the drink menu, try the Mayahuel Fizz, and one of these days I MUST get to the Squealin’ Mary.

Price: Last time for 2, with beverages and tip, appx $80.

Food – 4/5 bacon slices. Tasty, great new chef.
Atmosphere – 4/5 bacon slices. Not the best value, but fun, good food, good for out of town guests, good view on the patio, and I hear they have a good brunch? Vastly improved!!
Miscellany – Good beer list, great cocktails, and fun happy hour.