I enjoyed this in the Nuremberg Christmas market. It was delicious. It is kind of a variation on a currywurst, which is wurst with warm ketchup and curry. This is pork and onion on a kebab, deep fried (in three huge vats of oil) and then covered in paprika, curry, and a warm tomato sauce. Served with a roll to sop up the sauce. Perfect for those chilly winter nights when you need something substantial in your tummy.

Also, a very cool thing that they did all over the place in these Christmas markets was have you pay a deposit for the container your food comes in rather than give you a disposable cup or plate. So, our gluhwein actually came in a mug from Nuremberg market 2006, and I paid 1.5E for this blue container, which I returned to get my deposit back. It took a while for us to catch on because “deposit” is not easy to translate or pantomime, but once we got it, we loved the concept.